Towels 2-pack Azure 70x130cm

599 kr

The terrycloth set from luxurious Morgan Madison contains two bath towels. The towels are made of high-quality cotton (400 gr) with good absorbency. The azure towels are 2 shower towels 70 x 130 cm. Really luxurious in a cold azure color.

Colour: Azure color
Material: 100% cotton, plain weave cotton quality
2 bath towels: 70 x 130 cm
Washing instructions: Machine wash in maximum 60° Celsius.

Morgan Madison works effectively with sustainability issues and sees it as a big part of the brand and of its core values. For them, for example, climate compensation is a matter of course. Morgan Madison only works with products that are produced in factories with fair wages and working conditions. As a customer, you can trust that their products deliver what they promise and that none of their products contain any harmful chemicals.

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