About Morgan Madison

About Morgan Madison

We at Morgan Madison have always loved staying in hotels and especially in boutique hotels with their personalised atmosphere, unique style and luxurious elegance. Their focus on giving their guests a very special experience gave birth to the idea for Morgan Madison. Our passion lies in making it easy for you to create that wonderful hotel feel in your own home so that you can enjoy it every day. We want you to long for home with us.

A passion for fragrance and details

Interior design is much more than furniture, and it is fascinating how a scent can change and enhance the impression of a room. Scents have a strong connection to memories and feelings; they create a world you can return to.

The fragrances in Morgan Madison’s room sprays, scented candles and cream perfumes are created together with some of the most skilled niche perfumers in France and in Sweden. The carefully selected blends of pure perfume oils are of the absolute best quality, which means that the scent lingers longer.

Our cream perfume in solid form is produced completely without water and alcohol. In addition to shea butter and grape seed oil, it contains beeswax. The cream formula does not evaporate as quickly as a traditional perfume and the fragrance notes develop on the skin for several hours.

We see the potential in small things and only work with suppliers who share our love of first-class craftsmanship. We never compromise when it comes to the quality of our products and there are many tests behind each fragrance.

Even more hotel feel

Does it not feel wonderful to be able to curl up under cool, crisp sheets in a comfortable hotel bed or to be able to wrap yourself in a soft bath towel after having a shower? Morgan Madison’s stylish bed sets, towels and soap sets have been developed to give you that ultimate hotel feel at home. The soap set stands on a beautiful wooden tray and, with consideration for the environment, the bottles are made of aluminium so that they can be easily refilled again and again. Because we love life in hotels, we have also produced a range of beautiful home decor products to help you create an inspiring and warm atmosphere.

A sustainable future

Sustainability and a strong commitment to the environment permeate our entire business model. We know what is important for the future, which is why we have set just as high ambitions for sustainability as the market’s absolute largest companies.

Production takes place for the most part in Europe and in Sweden, and it goes without saying that we offset the carbon emissions from our transports. We always choose organic, recycled fibres or fibres from energy forests as far as possible. Many of our textiles are marked with the GOTS, Oeko-Tex and Svanen certifications.

You should be able to trust that our products keep what we promise, and that no product contains any harmful chemicals.

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