Hotel feel at home

Beautiful bedding for the bedroom

– our best tips for creating the exclusive hotel feel at home!

To get that exclusive hotel feel at home in the bedroom, the right textiles are the key to success. We at Morgan Madison love the hotel feel and think that the bed should look eye-catching and inviting. It is in the bed that we unwind and relax, and it is desirable to get a harmonious feeling in the bedroom. Here we share our best tips on how you can create a luxurious hotel feel at home in your bedroom.

Through different combinations of materials, colours, and textiles, you can create either a cosy atmosphere with earthy colours or something more elegant with a crisp white bed set and large fluffy pillows.

1. Invest in bedding

A hotel bed is not complete without a luxury bed set. Choose a material with properties that you enjoy, for example satin gives a silky feeling while linen can absorb moisture and cool you down. Our favourite is cotton percale, which, through its thread density, creates a cool and crisp feeling. The bed set in chalk-white gives you the classic hotel look, while small details such as an embroidered seam are often seen in luxurious boutique hotels. We recommend investing in a bed set of good quality to get the ultimate hotel feel at home. Choose a light colour scheme that makes it easy to match and change according to the season.


2. Add the final touch with a bedspread

Using a bedspread has several purposes. In addition to being a fantastic interior detail, it protects your bed and gives it a tidier impression. The bedspread easily hides crumpled bedding and dull bed legs.


A bedspread on the bed is an easy way to bring lovely colours and patterns into the bedroom. If you want a luxurious hotel feel, invest in a velvet bedspread or in one with a quilted pattern in a dark colour such as grey, petrol or dark green. For a more bohemian impression, use bedspreads that are waffled or with a rustic structure as linen fabric. If you do not want to invest in a bedspread, blankets are an affordable alternative that can give the same impression. Place a folded blanket at the foot of the bed for a stylish and cosy touch. A wool blanket is always a classic, not only as a nice detail, but it also keeps you warm during cold nights.


3. Create volume with pillows

To get the right hotel feel, a generous number of pillows is almost a must. The bed looks more inviting and with the help of throw pillows, it is easy to change the style according to season and taste. We like to start with larger, elongated hotel pillows (50x90cm), then the main pillow and finish with decorative throw pillows. Avoid mixing too many different patterns and colours, start with a duvet cover set in white or in one colour and then break off with decorative pillows in a cool colour or exciting pattern. Our black Marrakech patterned pillows are a great favourite and easy to match in several different colours.

4. Put focus on the bed with headboard

A headboard frames and gives the bed a more uniform impression. Depending on what style you are striving for, there are lots of different models out there on the market. Nowadays there is a headboard for every taste – smooth in fabric or linen, velvet with buttons, or rattan. If you are looking for the ultimate hotel feel at home, invest in a tall, velvet headboard – it is guaranteed to make your bed look exclusive!

If you do not find one that appeals to you, you can make one yourself. An existing headboard can be spruced up with a new fabric or covering. If you don’t mind making holes in the headboard, you can easily staple the new fabric to the back, this way you can update the headboard according to the season and taste.


5. Remove excess items from the nightstand

The bedside table can easily become a storage area for various things. To get a uniform look in the bedroom, put away unnecessary stuff in drawers or hide them in a nice, small box that you can have on the bedside table.


We at Morgan Madison love to have scented candles on the bedside table, they give off a wonderful scent in the bedroom and can be varied according to taste. Our favourite scented candle at the moment is Bergamotto di Calabria, which has a spicy but fresh scent.