A classic white bed set is a must for the ultimate hotel feeling at home. For a stylish touch, we at Morgan Madison have added a decorative seam. Our bed sets are made of organic cotton percale which gives a cool and crisp feeling – just like getting into comfortable hotel beds.

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A nice bed set can turn any bed into a magical hotel bed. Bed sets come in lots of different materials, colours, and patterns. For the real hotel feel, a cotton percale bed set is an excellent alternative. The special weaving technique gives cotton percale a durable and dense structure that contributes to a cool, crisp, and luxurious feeling.

In our range, you will find both a classic white bed set and pillowcases in cotton percale, both with a decorative boudoir seam in black or cashew for an exclusive look. For you to sleep well and feel comfortable in our bedding, we have placed great emphasis on quality and only chosen to use organic cotton.

Here are our top tips on how to keep our bed sets and pillowcases white and crisp for a long time:

  • Avoid mixing colours. To keep sheets, bed sets and pillowcases white, avoid washing them with other colours. It is easy for them to discolour and turn yellow.
  • Use detergents that contain bleach. White bedding can be either bleached or coloured white. For bleached bedding, a detergent powder containing bleach is best to use.
  • Avoid tumble drying – tumble drying wears on the fabric and seams. It can also result in the bedding shrinking. If you want to tumble dry, tumble dry in moderation, preferably in low temperature and for a short time.

No matter what style you have in your bedroom, our exclusive, organic bedding is guaranteed to create a luxurious look and a nice, cool feeling when you get into bed for the night.