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Towel Set 

– tips and advice

For that extra luxurious feeling in the bathroom, a fresh towel set is a must to create that hotel feel in the home. The hard bathroom tiles need wonderfully soft terrycloth to contrast with – something we at Morgan Madison are experts at creating with our fine towel sets.

Here we have gathered tips and advice on how to choose and take care of your towel set. Which size is best – and how do you wash it properly?

Towels that come in sets at Morgan Madison:

Different kinds of towel sets

In our range at Morgan Madison, we have three different types of weaves in our towel sets.

  • Jacquard fabric is a beautiful, durable variant of fabric that gives an elegant and sophisticated impression HERE
  • The smooth cotton quality is a classic, fluffy terrycloth that is always a safe bet in the bathroom. We have this towel set as an example this towel set.

Towels sizes

  • Guest towels are the smallest towels; hang them as close to the sink as possible so that guests choose them instead of your private towels. They should come in either 40×60 cm or 30×50 cm.
  •  Hand towel sets often come in a slightly larger variant, 50x70cm.

  • Bath towels, are usually 70×140 cm in size. 
  • Bath sheets are the largest size and usually come in 100×150 cm.

Washing tips for your new towel set

Of course, it is important that your towel set is taken care of in the best way to extend its durability. We want our towels to stay fluffy, soft, and keep their shape for as long as possible.


  •  For newly purchased towel sets, we recommend soaking the towels for 24 hours. This is because the towels can have excess dye from the production, especially when it comes to darker colours such as black or dark blue. You can use cold water when soaking, this means that the towels are rinsed through and have a better absorption capacity.

  • To preserve the colour of dark towels, you can also add a little vinegar to the water, it helps to keep the dark shades intact.

  • When washing, always sort the towels by colour, dark towels go with other dark towels. White and light towels can risk becoming greyish in tone if darker textiles are added to the wash.

  • Do not use fabric softener. This can give the towel set an unnecessary film that prevents the towels from absorbing water. It is enough to wash with ordinary detergent, preferably a little extra for them to be cleaned properly.

  •  Wash your towels at 60 degrees to effectively get rid of bacteria and dirt.

  • Tumble dry your towels for extra fluffy and comfortable towels. Weather permitting, a good alternative is to hang them to dry in the sun.

  • How often you should wash your towels depends on how much you use them, and what you use them for. In general, it is important to change the towel set for hands and face often, for the greatest possible cleanliness.
Handduksset i zebra från Morgan Madison

Choose the right colour for your towel set

  • Other classic colours you can choose for your towel set are grey and pink. They work in all situations and the latter can create a slightly softer, romantic impression while grey creates a sophisticated luxury.
  •  For a trendy look, you can choose our nice cashew colour (warm yellow) or petrol (greenish blue). It comes in a towel set with 2 pieces for the hands (link), or bath towel (link)

  • If you want to put together different towels into one set, you can combine different styles and colours. Patterned towels are an exciting choice that go well together to mix with single-coloured towels, for a quirkier look in the bathroom. We have, for example, a zebra-striped towel in grey and white, and a small chequered one in beige tones. (link)