The Perfume Pyramid

the perfume pyramid


The fragrance is sophisticated and builds with apple, pineapple, blackcurrant and bergamot. It is softly complemented by a fresh scent of jasmine flowers, birch, patchouli and juniper. Rounding out this bold yet elegant perfume are woody base notes of oakmoss, musk, amber and a touch of vanilla. A contemporary, masculine fragrance that celebrates strength, power, vision and success.

Madison no 5 is a fragrance that makes your senses vibrate, a masculine sensation with a prominent freshness. It is a fragrance that brings a sense of strength and success while also giving a face to a deep sensuality. A prominent woodiness recalls bygone times, a genuine rugged environment, cigars and a secret, closed company. The fragrance creates excitement and opens up to curiosity.

A fragrance can be difficult to describe – the magical experience of sensual scents inspires emotions that are complicated to pin down.
All fragrances, however, are built up in different layers, allowing the different notes to emerge in their own – and best – way.


hotellkänsla hemma med överkast från morgan madison


Using a bedspread has several purposes. In addition to being a fantastic interior detail, it protects your bed and gives it a tidier impression. The bedspread easily hides crumpled bedding and dull bed legs.

The creation of perfumes is a great art form, yet a very complex science. Each fragrance has a specific formula and recipes that companies and perfumers keep secret. The best perfumes have decades, even centuries, of painstaking production that is carefully kept behind closed doors – to keep the recipe secret and unique.

A perfume is built like a pyramid of different fragrance notes. The different notes appear at different times, have different durations
and also have their own specific properties.


Top notes – also called main notes, create the first impression of a perfume. These notes evaporate most quickly but often have a very strong scent. Typical top notes are citrus fruits and herbs.

Trend – The most popular top note in the last 10 years is the Italian citrus fruit bergamot. The fresh top note is used in everything from floral to oriental perfumes.

Middle notes – or heart notes, form the core of the perfume and it often takes several hours for this layer of fragrance to evaporate. Heart notes usually include fruity, floral, green, woody or spicy notes.

Trend – In the top list we find orange blossom. Characterised by its deep and sweet scent, it is produced by distilling flowers from a bitter orange. In second and third place are jasmine and Arabian jasmine respectively.

Base notes – are the deepest and strongest notes in a fragrance composition. When first applied to the skin, base notes can be overwhelming, so they are first hidden under top and middle notes. Base notes last the longest on the skin and often consist of notes of wood, amber or animal-like scents such as musk.

Trend – The most popular base note used is amber. Historically, the fragrance was extracted from fossilised resin, but as the process is very costly, synthetic equivalents are often used. In second place are musk and sandalwood.



Bergamot is a small citrus fruit with a sour and bitter taste. Bergamot is not something you eat like a clementine, but the juice can be mixed with orange juice, for example, and contribute an exciting and unique flavour. In the world of perfume, it’s the peel that plays the main role. The peel of the bergamot fruit contains an oil that is extracted by pressing the peel, the oil in turn gives a nice spicy citrus scent.

Bergamot is grown primarily in southern Italy and southern Africa and is extracted by cold pressing.

Bergamot essential oil has been used in cosmetics, aromatherapy and as a flavouring in food and drink. The soft oil is antiseptic, invigorating and has a wide range of uses. It appears in perfume, in snuff and in tea. Earl Grey black tea has a wonderful scent of bergamot.

Historically, bergamot essential oil was an ingredient in Eau de Cologne, a perfume originally composed by Johann Maria Farina
in the early 18th century.



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