Bathroom with five-star hotel feel

Bathroom with hotel feel

Luxurious interior details that give your bathroom a hotel feel!

Creating a bathroom with a hotel feel is at the top of the wish list of many and we understand why. A luxurious, stylish bathroom is something to look forward to for relaxation and tranquillity.

Do you dream of having a luxurious bathroom with a hotel feel? Here are our tips on interior details that renew and upgrade your bathroom with a hotel feel without having to undergo a costly renovation.


1. Solid colour towel sets for a bathroom with a hotel feel

Details are a must to get the hotel feel in your bathroom, so it is important to keep it uniform. Too many different colours and patterns give a messy impression – so avoid guest towels, towels and bath towels in varying colours being displayed at the same time. Invest in complete towel sets in a few colours that you like and decorate the bathroom with one colour at a time.

In our range you will find a luxurious set of hotel towels. The towel set contains two bath towels (70 x 140 cm) and two guest towels (30 × 50 cm). Morgan Madison’s towel sets are made of 100% combed cotton of 580 grams giving a lovely soft terrycloth – just like the towels you find in a hotel!

This luxurious towel set is available in two natural colours – beige or anthracite that fits into all bathroom environments and transforms any bathroom into a luxurious bathroom with a hotel feel.


2. Inviting hotel feel in the bathroom with a nice soap set

Fill your bathroom with an inviting hotel feel by letting a matching set of fragrant soaps and moisturising hand cream stand by the sink. To get a complete hotel feel in the bathroom – roll up a couple of guest towels in white and place next to the soap on an elegant dish or tray. We at Morgan Madison love contrasts and mixing different materials for an exclusive hotel feel – our wooden dishes are perfect for storing jewellery or small tubes with hand cream.

We at Morgan Madison have developed a soap set (find our soap set here) inspired by the boutique hotels in Manhattan. With its black and elegant look, our soap set will be a real luxurious detail in your bathroom and spread a wonderful scent of sandalwood and citrus with an undertone of vanilla. At Morgan Madison, we work efficiently with sustainability issues and therefore we have chosen to design the bottles in aluminium – so that they can be reused. As the finishing touch for a bathroom with a hotel feel, an elegant black tray comes with the soap set.


4. Add plants for a fresh and lively hotel feel in the bathroom

It is the details that count, it is often said, and an easy way to add a hotel feel to the bathroom is to let green plants move in. The bathroom will feel more alive with the green elements, and they contribute to a better bathroom environment. Plants such as peace lily, tuftroot or bromelia are easy to care for and can survive in a bathroom environment with limited light and a lot of moisture.

If you do not have a window in the bathroom but still want a living bathroom with a hotel feel, it works great with an artificial variant.

5. A well-thought-out hotel feeling in a bathroom with still lifes

At boutique hotels, nothing is left to chance, every detail is carefully thought out to match the decor and create the ultimate hotel feel. Using still lifes is a trend that is increasingly seen in boutique hotels

But what exactly is a still life? Previously, it has been associated with artworks that portray an inanimate object, but now the definition has been expanded to also include arrangements of various objects. Today we see more and more styled windowsills, bookshelves, and coffee tables. With the help of stylish books, scented candles, decorations, vases, or plants, you use the surface to compose a still life.

Do you have a windowsill or shelf in the bathroom that is empty? Combine form and function, a marble tray for rolled up white guest towels gives a spa feel, while our decoration Unique is perfect for creating contrasts between different materials.

Small details are more important than you think, to get the luxurious hotel feel in a bathroom, the details truly are key. Start by sorting your towels. Give towels that are ripped, washed out, or do not fall into the colour scheme you have chosen, to textile recycling and invest in new, fluffy towel sets. (Se våra handduksset här).

We at Morgan Madison have a large assortment of towels in different sizes and colours, including guest towels, hand towels and bath towels. If you want to buy more towels, we have several affordable luxury towel sets with a hotel feel that will definitely give your bathroom a real boost.