Soapset gift box

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Enhance your bathroom with our exclusive soap set in black. Nice to have on display when guests come over, and it gives a luxurious hotel feel to every bathroom. At Morgan Madison, we take sustainability seriously and with nature in mind, we have had the bottles in the soap set made of aluminium – so you can easily refill them with your favourite soap or hand cream.

The soap set contains a premium hand soap and premium hand cream in 250 ml bottles with a black matching wooden tray.

The soap set has a well-balanced and pleasant scent of sandalwood with fresh hints of citrus fruit and a soft undertone of vanilla. Even though the scent has a pinch of spiciness, it also feels mild and soft, which means that the soap set suits all homes.

The soap: Contains mandarin oil that cleanses and moisturises your skin deeply. It sterilises your hands, effectively removes all bacteria and makes your hands smell wonderful.

The handcream: An enriched cream that repairs your hands and makes them incredibly soft without feeling sticky. Keeps your hands young!

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