Exclusive Scented Candles 

Exclusive scented candles from Morgan Madison

-our guide for how to choose and take care of your scented candles

Today, you can find scented candles in almost all stores and the variety is great – everything from exclusive scented candles in different shapes and sizes to the more classic scented candles in glass containers. There are studies that show that scents affect our mind more than we think, a scent can take us back to old memories, it can get us in both a bad and good mood or create a certain atmosphere in the room. Choosing the right fragrance can be difficult as the variety on the market is so large.

Here is our guide for how to choose, decorate with, and best take care of your scented candles.

Use scented candles as décor

Where you plan to place your scented candle plays a role in which scent you should buy, we recommend investing in more expensive, exclusive scented candles in the rooms you have guests in. Then the scented candle becomes a luxurious interior detail and turns up the cosiness factor significantly – this will definitely be appreciated by the guests. Our scented candle, in the scents Verbena di Sicilia or Bergamotto di Calabria, looks great as an ornament in a still life arrangement.


Doftljus exklusiva med doft av bergamott från Morgan Madison

Bergamotto di Calabria is an exclusive scented candle with a warm tone of sandalwood and undertones of fresh bergamot. Perfect to have on the coffee table during cold autumn days.

Are Morgan Madison’s exclusive scented candles environmentally friendly?

When buying your scented candles, look at what they are made of, is it paraffin or a mixture of paraffin and stearin, we would recommend that you choose another scented candle. Paraffin candles are made from fossil oil residues that emit carbon dioxide during combustion, which is neither good for the environment nor for your health.


Rather choose scented candles that are made from only stearin as it is made from renewable raw materials and does not emit as much carbon dioxide during combustion. At Morgan Madison, we care about the environment and our exclusive scented candles are either made of soy wax or wax. In our range of exclusive scented candles, you will find Moulin Rouge, a cosy scented candle with scented notes of red berries in an amber-coloured glass container.

Why do we use soy wax for our exclusive scented candles?

Soy wax is a natural and environmentally friendly product and has less of an impact on the environment. Soy wax is also a vegan product, as it does not contain any animal products. Our exclusive scented candles with soy wax provide a stable candle with a good scent diffusion.

Take care of your exclusive scented candles

A tip is to let it burn for at least one or two hours the first time the scented candle is lit. This will produce a smoother surface on your candle, and it will have a longer life. Another piece of advice is to trim the wick of the candle before you light it – preferably with a wick trimmer or with a smaller pair of scissors, it gives a less sooty and flickering flame. Leave about a centimetre of the wick, if you cut more than that, the small flame will prevent the light from burning out to the edges and instead form a pit around the wick.

At Morgan Madison, you can buy exclusive scented candles in different looks and scents, all with the goal of giving you a wonderful hotel feel at home. Our scented candles smell fantastically good and have an exclusive design – perfect to give as a gift or to treat yourself to!