hotel styled bedroom with 2022 biggest interior trends

Three interior trends for 2022

– Turn your bedroom into a 5-star hotel

New season and new interior design trends – there is still a strong focus on neutral tones and natural materials. But we also see glimpses of happier times with new colours and shapes. The 80s are back and lay the foundation for many creators, things such as pinewood and pop-colours are making a comeback. 

1. Burnt tones – terracotta, Inca, and orange for a cosy bedroom with a hotel feel

The colour trend for 2022 is in burnt tones, for example terracotta and orange – to get the hotel feel in the bedroom, a tip is to start with small details. Our bed set in cashew is a trendy element with its boudoir seam in a warm orange tone while white duvet covers, and pillowcases are a hotel classic – together they create an exclusive hotel feel in the bedroom.

Another nice detail, in the burnt tones, that give a hotel feel in the bedroom is the Moulin Rouge scented candle from the Wild series. With its amber-coloured glass and stylish patterns, it boosts the trendiness of any nightstand. The scented candle creates a cosy atmosphere and at the same time spreads a sweet scent of red berries in the bedroom.


2. Statement pieces in the bedroom as in a boutique hotel

Interior details that are eye-catching, unique, and well-thought-out are a trend we love, but how can we apply this to a hotel feel? Boutique hotels are known for their statement pieces, where every detail is carefully selected to fit in. Get the hotel feel with statement pieces in the bedroom by focusing on one place and placing the interior detail there and toning down the other surfaces. Suitable places can be the desk, the windowsill, the bedside table, or the desk in the corner – choose the place carefully or vary the place and decoration according to the season.

At the moment, we are loving our unique lamp Christel with its unique crystal base and velvet-clad lampshade. Christel fits both in the window with a couple of nice books stacked in a pile or on the bedside table. The lampshade provides a pleasant cosy light – perfect for turning up the hotel feel in the bedroom.

3. Hotel feel in the bedroom with inspiration from the 1980s

Contrasts in both colour and material choices characterise interior design trends when the 80s return. We see a playful trend that takes off with luxurious maximalism and extravagant details – the interior design gallery and hotel The Apartment in Copenhagen shows the way to harmony and hotel feel in this jungle of materials, colours, and patterns.

The bedroom is a place for relaxation and tranquillity – so taking in too many contrasts can have the opposite effect. Our interior design tip for a hotel feeling inspired by the 80s in the bedroom is to start with textiles. Invest in a pillowcase or blanket with a nice pattern, the duvet cover set is now also available in a plethora of different colours and patterns and is an easy way to add the 80s atmosphere.

A more permanent and uniform way to introduce an 80s-inspired hotel feel is to wallpaper a wall in the bedroom. A patterned wallpaper can liven up an otherwise neutral interior and for the handy, the wallpaper can be adapted to the season or taste. A boutique hotel to take inspiration from is Hotel Pigalle, which frequently uses this method to create an exclusive, mysterious hotel feeling in the room.

In our range, you will find a pillowcase in the 80s spirit in velour with an exclusive floral pattern in red tones.