Meet our founder Annika Hansson

Meet our founder Annika Hansson

Our founder Annika Hansson has always been fascinated by personalized boutique hotels. But it is not the luxury that is most important, but the atmosphere and the care of the thoughtful details that inspire her. But it all started in a very special shop in Boston.

luxury bedding from Morgan Madsion

At the age of 19, Annika decided to study in Boston, where she discovered the store Lou Lou’s Lost & Found. The owner was an eccentric gentleman who traveled around the world buying up items from legendary hotels and restaurants. The whole shop was filled with rarities and as he put it, “if you’ve always regretted not taking the ashtray out of Studio 54, you’ll find it at Lou Lou’s”.

-“After a long time in the textile industry with design and purchasing, I dreamed of one day running a shop with things that recreate the special experience you get in a really good boutique hotel,” says Annika.
That dream and Annika’s passion for weaving together unique interior details and fragrance have laid the foundation for Morgan Madison.

– As much as I love staying in a hotel, I love coming home and with Morgan Madison’s products you can enjoy that luxurious hotel feeling at home.
Annika’s interest in fragrance took a new turn when, three years ago, she came into contact with niche perfumes and realized how much knowledge and artistry lies behind them. This was the beginning of Morgan Madison’s development of personal perfumes alongside her room fragrances.

-I’ve been obsessed with scent for as long as I can remember, but it was only when I discovered pure perfume oils that I realized how much impact they have on us. The sense of smell is closely linked to the emotional center of the brain and this is why we are so strongly affected emotionally. A scent can bring back childhood memories, create inner peace or change the feel of a room in just a few seconds.

What is your greatest professional achievement?

That I realized my dream and dared to take the step to start Morgan Madison. I am particularly proud of our fragrances, which have been developed with some of the most talented niche perfumers in France and Sweden. The carefully selected blends of pure perfume oils are of the highest quality, making the scent last longer.

What is a boutique hotel?

For me it is a hotel with a personality and atmosphere where I want to stay for a long time. There’s care in everything from the crisp sheets, the sofa in the lobby that you want to sink into, to the scent in the rooms that gives a luxurious and intimate home feel.

The most fun part of your job?

To get more people to think about scent in a new way and link it to experiences.
I love the creative process and working with suppliers who share my love of craftsmanship.

What is luxury for you?

Luxury is not about what you can afford to buy, but more about what you value as a person. That there is soul and heart in what you do. When it comes to interior design, it’s often simple things that create an environment you enjoy and make you happy.

How do you come up with the idea for a new perfume?

It is almost always based on a feeling and the inspiration can come from anything and everything. It could be a special roast of a coffee bean or even the scent of a hair wrap. I usually formulate a concept that describes what I am looking for. Fragrance is all about emotions and creating something new is an intuitive process and there is a lot of testing behind each scent, whether it is to be used as a room fragrance or sprayed on the body.

When do you know when a perfume is ready?

I have a small test group that I trust and I always live with a new perfume for at least a week. If it still feels great after hanging out in different environments, withstanding heat, cold and mood swings, then it’s the right one.

How does fragrance affect interior design?

It is the invisible design detail and it is fascinating how a scent can change and enhance the impression of a room. There is a strong link between scent and feeling at home. For me, scented candles and room sprays are a sustainable way to vary your decor according to season and mood.

What inspires you?

Meeting people, I am always curious to know what they are passionate about. Many of our suppliers are small family businesses with a proud tradition of craftsmanship and our partnerships are very personal.

Do you have a personal favorite Morgan Madison?

Right now it’s probably our cream perfumes, Solid Perfume. They contain no water or alcohol and the fragrance notes develop over a longer period of time on the skin than a traditional perfume. A cream perfume is perfect to take with you when traveling.

Your goals going forward for Morgan Madison?

We will continue to surprise and create unique products. Our high ambition in transparency and sustainability continues. By 2030, 100% of our products will be made from recycled materials or come from other sustainable sources.

Annika’s tips on how to create a hotel feel at home

The bedding, leave the bedding set visible and put a blanket over the foot of the bed instead. Add more pillows, at least two extra on each side of a double bed.

The soap set, in the bathroom or kitchen, provides an everyday luxury that I think everyone should treat themselves to.

Room scents, find your own signature scent that gives you a pleasant feeling to come home to. Use beautiful scented candles, sprays, sticks, or our scented blocks depending on what suits the room best.

Create talking points, pay extra attention to interior details, preferably fewer but carefully selected items that catch the eye and have a fun story to tell.