A scent can enhance the interior of a home, for example, with the help of scented candles, scented sticks or essential oils, you not only get a nice interior detail, but it also creates a certain atmosphere or feeling in the room. A scented candle with bergamot gives a soothing citrus scent and is well suited in the bedroom, while tones such as cinnamon, rosemary, cedar or sandalwood create a luxurious atmosphere.

With Morgan Madison’s fragrances, you can easily transform the feeling in your home. Something elegant, masculine maybe sensual but above all unforgettable!

It is no coincidence that as a guest of a boutique hotel you are struck by a pleasant scent as soon as you step inside the doors, because it is the case that many boutique hotels are known to have their own signature scent. There are scientific studies that show that our sense of smell has strong connections to emotions and memory, which means that scents have a great impact on how we experience events and places. With the help of scents, we can enhance different moods.

In recent years, decorating with fragrance has become increasingly trendy – a fragrance sets the tone and ties the décor together into a cohesive whole. Today, there are many ways to add scent to a room – scented candles, scented sticks, room sprays or essential oils are a few examples.

Which scent source in which room?

It is highly individual, if an even, regular scent is desired, scent sticks are a good alternative while a scented candle emits a stronger scent while it is lit. We recommend combining different scents and fragrance sources to get a unique and personal fragrance style in the home.

Are you new to decorating with fragrance? Here are some tips:

Take time and choose a scent you enjoy. Scents can have several functions, for example, you will want a scent in the bedroom with relaxing properties. Our scented candle with bergamot fits perfectly in the bedroom and gives off a faint scent of sandalwood and bergamot In environments where the scent can compete with other scents such as food, we recommend fresh or spicy scents such as citrus, rosemary or cloves. Our gift set with scented sticks and scented candles fits perfectly in the bathroom and gives a wonderfully luxurious scent.

In our range you will find exclusive scented candles in wonderful scents, scented sticks, and soaps. Perfect as a gift or to treat yourself!