Creating a hotel feel in your bedroom – 5 easy decorating tips

Creating a hotel feel in your bedroom – 5 easy decorating tips

Creating a hotel feel in your bedroom – 5 easy decorating tips

Do you dream of waking up in a bedroom that gives you the feeling of being in a luxury hotel? Creating a relaxing and harmonious atmosphere in the bedroom can make a big difference to the quality of your sleep and the well-being of your home. Here we list 5 simple interior design tips to give your bedroom a hotel feel!

luxury bedding from Morgan Madsion

1. Make your bed with a luxury bedding set

When you want to create a hotel feel in your bedroom, the choice of bedding is crucial. Exclusive hotels are known for having crisp and cool bedding in elegant designs and it’s the details that make the difference. At Morgan Madison you will find luxury bedding in cotton percale, which is cool and comfortable against the skin, while having a certain amount of roughness that gives that crispy feeling when making the bed. The material is of a high quality, which means your bedding will maintain a luxurious feel even after many washes. Our duvet covers have stylish boudoir seams – a nice detail that adds a more sophisticated touch to the bedroom.

2. Decorating with decorative cushions

Increase the sense of luxury in your bedroom with decorative cushions. In finer hotels, beds are often adorned with elegant pillows that create an inviting feel. The cushions should be in harmony with the style of the bedding, but at the same time create a contrast that adds an extra dimension to the room. When choosing a neutral duvet cover set, it is therefore effective to complement it with luxurious ones, patterned decorative cushions.

3. fresh scented candles

Decorating a home is not only about choosing the right furniture and colors, but also about creating the right atmosphere in the room. An important factor in creating an exclusive hotel feel is scent. When decorating with scented candles, you can create an extra dimension of luxury and relaxation, mimicking the feeling of an exclusive hotel.

With us you will find luxury scented candles with different fragrance notes to suit different preferences. Our candles are presented in fine glass containers and make a beautiful interior decoration. With candles, you can make your bedroom extra inviting and with us you can choose from fresh citrus scents that create an energizing atmosphere, sweet fruity scents for a summery feel, or sandalwood scented candles that fill the room with warm mystery.

4. Decorative and fragrant room sprays

Another way to decorate with fragrance is by using scented spray. This is a detail that can help create a little extra luxury when decorating your bedroom. A room spray has a sophisticated scent and stylish packaging, making it a great interior design feature that adds a hotel feel to your home. A few sprays spread a subtle and pleasant scent throughout the room, making the bedroom a lovely place to be.

When decorating with fragrance, it is important not to overdo it. Too much scent can be overwhelming and disrupt harmony. Therefore, use your fragrances sparingly and let them spread naturally in the room. Avoid mixing many different scents at the same time and instead choose one or two scents that complement each other.

5. Stylish interior design features

The most elegant hotels have well thought-out interior design features that create a unique, personal and exclusive atmosphere. When you want to create the right hotel feel in your bedroom, you should make sure that every interior detail contributes to a harmonious whole. Choose table lamps, candlesticks, throws and decorative items. interior design elements that follow a common theme.

luxury bedding from Morgan Madsion

Get a hotel feel in the bedroom at Morgan Madison

Our vision is to bring the hotel feel to the home. Everything from bedding sets, pillows and interior design details should feel lovely and elegant, but at the same time like home. With our products, you can create that luxurious feeling you only get from an exclusive boutique hotel. So visit our website, take the hotel feeling home with you and enjoy it every day.